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Hello, Namaste, Salaam & Sat Sri Akaal

Welcome to Pyarful,
where spreading the pyar is what we do best!

We believe that identity should be celebrated,
culture should be cherished,
and that pyar is the most powerful thing in the world.

Our South Asian inspired greeting cards, gifts and everyday goods showcase our traditions, customs, childhood memories, food (lots of food!), and all the little things that make us who we are.

Each pyarful creation is a playful ode to the life experiences that so many of us share; whether it’s a food you grew up loving (or really not loving), the chaotic joy of weeklong weddings, the never ending holidays and festivities, or the copious amounts of chai :)

We hope our bits of pyar give you a chance to connect with yourself and others in a pyarful way that makes everyday feel special!

So grab some bits of pyar, make yourself a cup a chai, and let’s create pyarful moments together!
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If you told my younger self that I would devote myself to creating a company celebrating the love for things like chai and daal and defining what it means to be South Asian, I wouldn’t have believed you. Incredibly, the very things so many of us shied away from or even felt ashamed of growing up, have now become the building blocks of Pyarful. The scent of coconut oil in my hair, or the aroma of my mom’s delicious chutney sandwiches; Pyarful celebrates these little things that make us who we are.

Pyarful was founded on the belief that each of us has a story that matters and is worth celebrating. It’s about celebrating what we are and defining what we will be. Together we're creating the world we want to be a part of. A world my younger self longed for, but never thought possible.

By listening, learning, and sharing with each other, Pyarful has become more than a brand, and more than our products - Pyarful is community, a movement, and all of your unique, beautiful stories. 

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you, your identity and your stories. We can hardly wait to share with you all the pyarful things we’ve dreamt up!
Krisa Tailor-Arora, Founder
Greeting Cards